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News (10 Sep 2011):- Issue 11 is now here! You can find it here

We all want to be good roleplayers. But somewhere along the way life gets in the way. Evenings that started with dreams of high adventure and noble quests soon descend into outbreaks of greed, displays of cowardice and threats of: "you wanna take the bus home tonight?" But every now and then fortune smiles and people click in an experience whose memory will cause laughs and smiles when years have passed. And so we come back for more, week after week.

Maybe this isn't you. Maybe you're reading this and shaking your head, thinking to yourself that "these people sound like total wankers!" Maybe you actually play in one of those campaigns that's been going for five years, every week, with the same set of characters. Maybe you've got a 20th level D&D wizard that wasn't cheated (the only one I ever played got murdered by a fellow PC in an argument over bog paper).

But then again, maybe this is just a little bit you. Maybe, like us, you figure that roleplaying's a really fun hobby as long as you don't take it too seriously. If this is you, then perhaps this magazine is for you. We aim to look at roleplaying with a not so-serious eye. Sure we'll have reviews, scenario ideas and all the usual stuff, but perhaps with a slightly different slant.

If you've ever surveyed the wreckage of a shattered evening, and wondered just why the hell you do this, then we have the magazine for you.

Critical Miss: The Magazine for Dysfunctional Roleplayers
Issue 11
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