Dream Park on a Budget

Why Not The Dream Park?

Roleplaying in Dream Park differs in one key way from every other game you will every play. Instead of roleplaying a character, you roleplay a character who is playing a character, in a game within a game.

In other games you get to play mighty warriors, or ace spacemen. In Dream Park you play accountants and lawyers, who are pretending to be heroes. But in the actual Dream Park setting, this is often not apparent. It is too good. The technology is too indistinguishable from reality. A game which should involve you, a 20th century gamer, roleplaying a 21st century ordinary Joe, roleplaying, say, a 13th century knight becomes instead one of you roleplaying the 13th century knight.

Dream Park often ends up being used merely as a multi-genre system, and a not very good one at that. But an alternative setting, where the technology is not quite so good and not so seamless, can get the game back to what it is best at - gamers playing gamers playing heroes.
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