Gamma Kanei Setting

Location Description

The setting consists of a dwelling tunnelled into the base of a huge cliff. The Back Area represents the ground immediately at the base of the cliff. If any players attempt to walk out of this area (in other words into a very solid horizon) they will be warned over their ear-pieces.

The left-hand corridor on the lower level will appear to the players to be a smooth tunnel with featureless sides. It has no doorways off it. At the end it turns onto a stair case leading up to the upper level. A concealed door leads into the right-hand corridor. This will appear to be a rough rocky cave / tunnel. It is a dead end, but has openings along it into caves.

The rooms on the lower level are:

Back Area: The outside.

Lobby: This is just a room with a tunnel entering from one wall and a flight of stairs leading up from another. In addition, opposite the tunnel is a concealed door.

Note:- This concealed door is set just far enough down the corridor to allow access to the ladies toilet.

L1: Blocked - not accessible.

L2: Blocked.

L3: Blocked.

L4: Blocked.

L5: Blocked.

L6: Cave.

L7: Cave.

L8: Cave.

L9: Cave.

L10: Cave.

The upper level is living quarters. However, a force field across the corridor blocks access to rooms U7, U8 and U9.

The rooms on the upper level are:

U1: Library.

U2: Shanna's Room.

U3: The Old Man's Room.

U4: Kitchen.

U5: Dining Room.

U6: Guest Room.

U7: Generator Room.

U8: Empty.

U9: Empty.

U10: Living Room.
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