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Rules Of The Game

The two participants stand opposite each-other, each with their right-arm extended with the hand formed into a fist.

(Note:- Some left handed players might at this point start whining about discrimination and saying that they want to use their left-hand. In this case you should keep them moaning until their concentration is shot to pieces, and then gracefully concede the point. Remember, what counts is not winning, it's making sure your opponant doesn't have fun).

The players count up to three (one... two... three) and on the count of three they form their "fist" into one of three configurations.

These are:

Rock (keeping their hand as a fist).

Scissors (holding their hand out flat, but with the top two fingers pointing upwards and the bottom two fingers pointing downward - e.g. looking like a pair of scissors).

Paper (holding their hand out flat).


If you and your opponent both have the same configuration then the game is a draw.

If you have a rock and your opponent has scissors, you win (rock blunts scissors).

If you have scissors and your opponent has paper, you win (scissors cuts paper).

If you have paper and your opponent has rock, you win (rock wraps paper).


To play Rock-Scissors-Paper solitaire (by yourself) first think of either a rock, some scissors, or a piece of paper.

Then go through the standard, one, two, reveal move and make one of the three symbols.

If the symbol you made beats the symbol you previously thought of - then you've won.

If the symbol you made is beaten by the symbol you previously thought of - then you've lost.

Note:- Generally, you have to be clinically insane to enjoy playing this game solitaire.


Err... you could try it more than once, or with both hands.
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