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Rules Of The Game

The two participants stare at each other, looking straight into each other's eyes. The first one to blink or look away loses.


In "pure" stares, participants are not allowed to make any moves.

However, male players might make the concession that female players are allowed to follow the "tits out" strategy (which is usually regarded as cheating).

In this strategy, the female player - whilst maintaining eye contact with her male opponent - gradually removes her clothing, thus giving her opponent two damn good reasons to cease looking at her eyes and look somewhere else.


This game can be played solitaire with the aid of a mirror (yes I know this does break our equipment rule, but then you can find mirrors all over the place, in public toilets, department stores, lifts and so on).

You simply stare at yourself in the mirror.

If the "you" in the mirror looks away first, you have won. However, if you look away first you have lost.

Note:- Generally, you have to be clinically insane to enjoy playing this game solitaire.



If you were really, really, really, stupid (or you have a fetish about being blind) you could allow each participant to have a laser light pen which they can shine into the other person's eyes.

(Legal note:- This point is obviously put in here as a comedy item. Anyone who actually tries it out is clearly too stupid to qualify as a sentient being, and thus has no just cause to be suing anyone other than their genetic parents - but certainly not us).
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