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ShadowRun Technical Specification


Type: Clothing
Weight: 1
Avail: Always
Base Cost in nuyen: Fine 5000, ordinary 500.
Street index: Fine :1.5 ordinary 1.5

Type: Securetech Clothing
Ballistic: 3
Weight: 1
Avail: 3/48 hour
Base Cost: 15000 nuyen
Street index: 1.5

This item can be custom ordered in a security version from Securetech (the second listing). Use of this item as an aid to seduction adds +1 die to your pool. Using it to intimidate adds +1 to die to your pool.

Warning! Do not purchase these items second hand or from the black market as they may have been tampered with. Adding "hidden" images to the jacket requires a difficulty 5 computer roll, success indicates the images requested have been hidden within the unit. (When these messages are displayed is set by the person doing the tampering). It has been common to replace any instance of "sleep with me" to the exact opposite phrase. Any time the rule of one results from wearing the altered jacket then you can assume the doctored message has come into play, the effects of this are up to the gamemaster.