IMHO (In My Humble Opinion)

In My Humble Opinion, or IMHO, is what other, less-imaginative magazines would term "the letters page". This is your forum for telling us, and the world, what you think of Critical Miss, roleplaying, or perhaps life in general.

We'd really like to hear from you, partly because we'd like to know what you think, but mainly because it would be a real boost to our egos.

Anyhow, in the period before we published issue 1 we received a grand total of two letters - which we felt wasn't a bad total for an unpublished magazine.

Demonic Madmen wrote:

And what ails thee Knight at arms so alone and palely loitering?

I have no idea what you're talking about. Quite frankly you're scaring me.
It's That Poet Bloke init...

Got room for Vampire?

Might do...
You tellin' me you a Vampire?


Well thanks for your input "D"
But he dint say nufin... Bubba thinks Jonny is too polite...

Ludo sent us the following "random mutterings":

hiya, heya, hoya (I have _no_ idea why I wrote that(!))

We're a little baffled ourselves...
Makes perfec sence to me... Clear as Coal... err... COBOL... Crystal?

As I sit here, brain slightly steaming from the frenetic excess of my regular Monday night "In Nomine" game, I wonder whether you know quite what you're unleashing with Critical Miss - as a GM (ha! that most reviled bringer of restraint!) of a group with more humour than sense, I'm looking forward to this...

What we're unleashing? You make it sound like we're meddling with powers beyond our control! Personally, I just figured on having a bit of a laugh.
Whas 'the frenetic'? 's a Band right?

But seriously, we're glad you're looking forward to it. Hope it's worth the wait.

We all have stories, told round the table at the drop of a hat of bizarre actions taken, of (in)famous quotes and of - well, quite frankly - downright insane combat situations - but I'm hoping to see stuff from the other side of the reference screen - of scripited dialogues thrown aside in favour of a cheap laugh, of random character names taken from work colleagues you've just had blazing rows with - of campaigns consistently winged under the influence of too much Red Bull and Vodka - and of the growing horror felt when you realise that your players know the rules better than you do, but none of them are willing to take on GMing themselves...

You mean the GM is supposed to be better at the rules than the players? Now it all starts to become clear...
Bubba no need rules. Bubba got Server...

Actually I've never been too good at the rules, hence my famous quote upon having the Dark Conspiracy damage rules explained to me: "Oh, in that case I died half an hour ago!"

And if I don't see any such - I'll bloody write them myself - you have been warned ; )

Hey, don't wait for us to let you down, get stuck in. You got any ideas dash down a synopsis and sent it in. From your letter you sound like just the kind of sick, deranged lunatic we're looking for.

Some People say me Sick deranged lunatic too. Me tell them.
Take 2 bottles into the Shower...
Not me...
I just shave my head.
People not talk to Bubba after that..

Ludo the Luddite
"Him with the evergrowing front room"

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