Each issue we aim to give you a chance to tell us what you think about a particular subject. In future issues we aim to find out what kind of games you play, what articles you would like to read, and so on.

This issue though, we're focussing on a more narrow issue, specifically whether a letter we received was a bit out of order, as we thought, or if we're just a bunch of cry-babies who need to grow up and get wise.

When we began to create the first issue (the one you're reading now) we put up an initial advert page, which you may have read. This explained what Critical Miss was about, and included a form where people could "subscribe" . We also began trying to get our URL included on various directories.

One of the directories we approached was Newhoo, which is a non-profit making organisation aiming to create "the largest human-edited directory of the web" using "a vast army of volunteer editors."

We applied to go onto their roleplaying section, and were rejected, on the grounds that our site was still being prepared. Fair point. When we thought about it we probably even agreed with the decision. But it was the way it was delivered that got us, frankly, a little bit narked.

This is the letter we received from a "volunteer editor" is response to our application

 From: Xxxxxx Xxxxx 
 Subject: Newhoo Critical Miss Roleplaying submission
 Date: Tue, Oct 13, 1998, 5:21 pm 

 It sounds interesting, but...
 Could you re-submit when your site is actually UP -
 i.e., has some interesting information on it?
 Until then, I, at least,* won't accept it. There 
 are too many Web sites that have "coming soon" on 
 them for years and years.
 Xxxxxx Xxxxx 
 *Of course Newhoo has half-a-dozen editors. If you're
 persistent, eventually one of the others with different
 standards may get to  a re-submission before I do, and
 accept the site.
 I imagine it might be less work to actually get the 
 first issue on-line, no?
Now if this had been Yahoo patronising us we would have been ecstatic - just to get a reply from the mighty Yahoo. But Newhoo is not Yahoo by any stretch of the imagination.

So what do you think about this whole thing?...
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