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WFRP (Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay) was perhaps the Prophet's crowning achievement. He took a fallen classic and burned life into it, resurrecting that which most people thought dead and returning it to the shelves of games shops around the world.

When he left our roleplaying world, the game left with him, for he returned the license to its original creators, Games Workshop.

Now though, Games Workshop, through their publishing arm Black Industries, have chosen to return WFRP to our world. This should be a cause of joy to Jamesians across the globe, but our joy has to be tempered with caution, and our acclamations tempered with doubt. For this is not the First Edition that the Prophet, in his greatness, saw fit to adopt as his own.

It is a thing they call "the Second Edition"

It is changed; streamlined they say. Better, we are told.

But it was not Black Industries who dared alter the words the Prophet took as his own. Their hands are clean, albeit through proxy only.

Those who dared alter the Prophet's words were Green Ronin Publishing, formally known for their work on D20 products, including their fine superhero game, Mutants & Masterminds.

The release of this so-called second edition puts we Jamesians in a theological dilemma. Is this a good thing, or bad? A homage, or a blasphemy?

Which forces us to ask a simple, yet important, question: are Green Ronin preservers of the true faith? Or heretics who should burn in hell for all eternity?

We invite all Jamesians to debate this issue on our forums.

Green Ronin: Saviours or heretics?

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