Dark Dungeons
Dark Dungeons was written fifteen years ago by the very talented Jack Chick. Jack produced what is probably the single funniest portrayal of roleplaying ever created. In the course of 24 panels Jack brilliantly satirises the cliches of fantasy gaming, the marketing policies of certain rpg companies and the hysteria of religious fundamentalism.

Of course, like all good satire Dark Dungeons is exaggerated far beyond reality. This group not only concentrates on the game but also includes women, one of whom - the chick with the long dark hair and black dress - is really quite horny. (Hell if there was a women like that in my gaming group I'd say: "Screw the roleplaying, let's go to the pictures and take in a film or something!")

Jack depicts roleplaying as an exciting, dangerous pastime, an intense experience which can change participants lives forever. Sadly, as we all know, the reality is never quite that good.

But enough of this. I just want to say thank you to a very special person.

Jack, thank you for producing such a wonderful strip. You've been responsible for a whole generation of roleplayers laughing so much it hurt. We are deeply grateful. Thank you.

NOTE:- We have a rule that we don't edit issues after they are published. However, in this case, the site that used to host a copy of Dark Dungeons appears to have died, so we decided to break our rule and change the link. For a long time we were unable to find a site that featured a copy. But Jack himself has come to our rescue, since his own website is now hosting Dark Dungeons once more. Way to go Jack! (And thanks for Pasty for giving me the URL).

And now, view the legend that is... Dark Dungeons.

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