In last issue's Feedback we told you the story of how our application to be listed by Newhoo had been somewhat rudely (we felt) rejected, and asked you what you thought.

Well it appears that you agreed with us!

We asked: Have you ever heard of Newhoo?

10% said: Yes, I've heard of them
90% said: New who?

We asked: Do you think the reply we got was...

31% said: Perfectly reasonable, don't know what you're wound up about
69% said: A bit patronising and sarcastic, considering it comes from a self-appointed editor at an obscure, amateur site

We asked: Now that we have published Issue 1, should we...

29% said: Reapply to Newhoo to see if they will now accept us
71% said: Tell them to get stuffed and apply to Yahoo instead

So there you have it. The people have spoken and said unto Newhoo: "Get stuffed!"

In this issue's Feedback we'd like to find out something about your views on roleplaying. This is partly so that we can target future issues of Critical Miss at what games and themes interest you, but partly just because we're being nosy.

We'd like to know...
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