Playing Magic Badly & Still Having Fun
A Meta-Strategy Example

Okay, lets give you an example. An old Chinese proverb* states:

"You cannot defeat a man who does not wish to win."

If you're not a good enough player to defeat your opponent then trying to win is futile and will simply lead to tears. A better approach is to make it clear that victory is not your major objective, that having fun is, and to imply that your opponent is immature and selfish (because he is trying to win at all costs).

There are a couple of good ways to do this, all of which involving building a deck whose primary purpose is something other than mere victory.

Some examples are:

Theme Deck: This is a deck where you are choosing cards around a particular theme, such as all creatures being artifacts, or using all five colours.

Humour Deck: This is a deck based around a comedy theme.

"Storytelling" Deck: This is a deck which has some kind of bullshit storyline used to select the cards ("this deck tells the story of when the legendary warrior Fatbastardio rose his steed Nag to rescue the princess..."). It's very important when using this technique that you announce to all and sundry that your deck is not actually designed to win (but is trying to achieve some more noble purpose). If you keep quiet about why it's full of crap cards you'll just look like a dickhead.

This technique can be enhanced if you announce beforehand what the flaw in your deck is.

"...well I just thought it would be really cool to have a deck with all artifact creatures in... of course if someone really just wants to beat it they can just shove a load of disenchants in... if they're that sad..."

* Actually I just make this up.
Let's move onto some other possible meta-strategies...


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