Rules For Owning A Business

In none of the GURPS books does it talk about a character owning his own business. Here I wish to offer some guidelines for those who would like to do so. This is meant to be a general set of rules for any business in any time. However it is written for a modern framework.

Questions that must be answered

1. What is your business? What products and/or services will you produce?

2. Who will be your customers? How will you advertise?

3. Who are your competitors? What are their strengths and weaknesses?

4. What kind of special skills - if any - do your workers need?

5. Where will you get your supplies and or raw materials?

6. What equipment do you need to start your business?

7. What income do you have to make to break even each month?

8. How much money do you need to set up and run for one month?
How can you acquire your business?

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