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Each issue in Gaming Records we present you with a record, or achievement, held by someone in one of our various gaming groups and ask if any of you readers out there can beat it.

This issue looks at our record for the shortest ever campaign. For the purposes of this record we will define the start of the campaign as the moment the GM pitches the idea for the campaign, and the end of the campaign as the moment the GM announces that he is no longer going to do the campaign.

And our record for this is... about ten seconds, by myself, your editor, Jonny Nexus.

I'd come up with an idea for a fairly dark fantasy setting with a pretty unusual twist. I won't say what it was because I might want to do it sometime. Anyway I felt it was really important that the players share my vision of this setting, and so - on the principle that a picture tells a thousand words - I decided to produce an image that would capture the essence of my setting. Not being much of an artist, I grabbed a cutesy-pie picture of a dragon off a newsgroup, took it into a paint program, inverted it to produce a negative and pissed around with the colours.

At the end of that I thought I had an image that exactly summed up my vision. A dark alien landscape, all purple and magenta, strange glowing tree-like things that cast the only light upon an otherwise dark landscape; and a now fierce some dragon radiating energy.

That was what I saw. Of course others saw something else.

What happened was something like:

Me: "I got this idea for a fantasy campaign!" [opens folder and shows picture]

Player: [In extremely sarcastic tone] "Nice dragon!"

Me: "Right I'm not doing it!" [closes folder and puts it in bag]

That was that. My dreams of a group enraptured by my vision dissolved instantly and I decided to take the only action I felt possible. Sulking.

(Actually to be fair it wasn't quite like that. I had a dream of a highly atmospheric campaign which was only possible if the players were thinking along similar lines to me - which they apparently weren't).

The time between me taking the folder out of the bag and putting it back again was later estimated at about ten seconds, our record, still unbeaten.

Any of you guys out there able to beat that?

If you can, then drop us a line at: giving some of the gory details.

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