Thoughts For The Soul
Each issue in Thoughts For The Soul we explore the more serious side of the Universe. We discuss, question and ponder a particular facet of life, and then present our Thought For The Soul - a quote we feel encapsulates what we have talked of.

This issue we examine the subject of toilets (or bogs as they are sometimes referred to this side of the pond) and in particular the question of how clean a toilet should be. This question often splits the genders, with women being amongst the vocal attackers of what we chaps might term a "working toilet." (Although they tend to use phrases like "health hazard").

I (the editor) have to declare an interest here. I have a "toilet that works for a living". A friend (a male ex-student) once stated that in his many years in student hovels he had seen some terrible toilets but that mine was the worst hešd ever seen.

But perhaps the best line was from one of the creative team of this very magazine (Bog Boy). He returned, somewhat shaken, from his first encounter with this horror and delivered an immortal line that we thought deserved to be this issuešs Soul Thought.
This issues Soul Thought is...

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