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Hungry, exhausted, and gagging for a pint, your group staggers back into the village. It has been a long, difficult quest, and one which claimed the life of your resident thief. But, you know it will be all worth it for the thanks of the villagers, a big drunken celebration, and maybe a magical sword or two.

And now, having dragged the carcass of the evil Vampire King all the way from the undead infested castle, you are ready to graciously accept your reward. You brace yourself for the final scene.

"Er...well that's it guys. The villagers thank you, and you get, er, 70 gold pieces each. I've almost finished the next game, so same time next month? Fun sized chocolate bar anyone?"

This article is dedicated to all those times where the ending to your epic adventure just doesn't quite live up to expectations. Usually this is because the GM hadn't bothered writing anything down after the 'final confrontation', and thought he/she could ad-lib he way through.

Not that you can blame him/her (we'll use 'him' for convenience sake). After sitting around for hours, scribbling down an intricate plot structure, cunningly inter-woven with dangerous and unpredictable NPCs, the last thing the GM is bothered with is rewarding the PCs with a spectacular ending. They should just be glad they survived that 'pit of death' you designed, eh. And besides, it's time for 'The Simpsons'.

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