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Contents SORRY:- But we had to shut down the chat mailing list because of some problems we had with it, and the legal worries that these raised. (We've left this article in here, because we like to leave the back issues as much like they were when they were published).

Six months ago we launched Critical Miss onto an unsuspecting world. We hoped there might be gamers out there who felt like we do about roleplaying. There were. You guys.

We think we've struck a chord here, and we'd like to do more to create a community of roleplayers, and we think mailing lists will allow us to do that.

Initially, we've created a single mailing list, called "chat". The idea is for this to be used for general discussions about roleplaying and issues relating to roleplaying. We could, if people want them, create other lists, perhaps for particular systems or genres.

(For those of you who don't know, a mailing list is a mail address that represents a whole list of people. When you send an email to the mailing list it is automatically sent to all the people on the mailing list. Mailing lists allow groups of people to participate in chats, debates and general discussions.)

It's basically up to you guys. If you have an idea for a particular list then drop us a line.

If you'd like to join the mailing list it's easy, and you can do it right now. Just send a mail to:

The body of the mail (e.g. the message) should contain a single line of text:

SUBSCRIBE CHAT [youremailaddress]

You can put anything in the subject field (it doesn't matter). When you subscribe you should receive an automated mail message giving you some details about the chat mailing list (and instructions telling you how to unsubscribe in case you later change your mind).

If you have any trouble subscribing to the mailing list then drop me a line on:

Once you've joined, sending a message to the chat list is really easy. Just send an email to and it will be sent to everyone on the list (including you - you'll get a copy sent back to you within a few minutes).

That's all. We look forward to hearing from you, and finding out what you have to say.
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