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Contents In last issue's Feedback { link to previous issue } we asked a variety of questions about what you roleplay and how you go about it.

The Editor

We asked what you thought the editor's desire to "take an orc up the shitter" indicated:

49% of you believe that the editor is a fun, quirky guy who recognises that true realism should reflect the often comic nature of reality

But 51% of you bastards think I'm a screaming pervert. Thank you very bloody much!


Men Playing Women

We asked if you thought it was a bad idea for male players to try to roleplay female characters:

43% of you agreed with us that male players can't roleplay female characters.

But 57% of you couldn't see any problem with it.

Detailed Vs Free-Wheeling

We asked how detailed or realistic you wanted a system to be:

18% of you like a detailed rules system that emphasises realism

But a whopping 82% like a simple, free-wheeling rules system that emphasises playability

Genres You Play

We asked which genres you enjoyed roleplaying:

80% of you like Fantasy

76% of you like Science-Fiction

52% of you like Cyberpunk

52% of you like Horror

44% of you like Present day

35% of you like Conspiracy / UFO

30% of you like Super-hero

27% of you like Comedy

27% of you like Oriental / Martial arts

20% of you like Steampunk

3% of you like Anime

2% of you like Pirates

2% of you like Occult

A few mentioned Rifts, Amber and SLA Industries, presumably as games which do not easily fit into any particular genre.

And to the two of you who put: "my life is a screaming abyss" and "running a software house" - are these supposed to be games we've never heard of, or are they desperate cries for help from confused people?

Favourite Genre

We then asked which your favourite genre was:

Fantasy was the favourite for 31% of you

Horror was the favourite for 22% of you

Science-Fiction was the favourite for 12% of you

Cyberpunk was the favourite for 12% of you

Super-hero was the favourite for 7% of you

Conspiracy / UFO was the favourite for 3% of you

Comedy was the favourite for 3% of you

Present day was the favourite for 3% of you

Anime was the favourite for 3% of you

Steampunk was the favourite for 2% of you

Occult was the favourite for 2% of you

Number of Gaming Groups

We asked about how many gaming groups you play with:

75% of you play with a single group, whilst,

25% of you play in a number of different gaming groups.

Gaming Clubs

We asked if you belonged to a gaming club:

21% of you belong to a club or society.

79% of you just play as a group of friends around someone's house.

Number of Players

We asked how many players (including the GM) you have when you roleplay:

1 player: 2%

2 players: 5%

3 players: 6%

4 players: 27%

5 players: 30%

6 players: 15%

7 players: 3%

8 players: 6%

9 players: 2%

10 players: 0%

10+ players: 5%

We then asked how many players you would like to have (the ideal number of players):

1 player: 0%

2 players: 3%

3 players: 2%

4 players: 23%

5 players: 35%

6 players: 29%

7 players: 3%

8 players: 5%

9 players: 0%

10 players: 0%

10+ players: 2%

We had a further look to see how happy people were with the number of players in their groups.

Only 24% of you feel that the number of players you currently have is the ideal number.

24% of you would like to have less players.

But 52% of you would like to have more.

And we did have to feel sorry for two respondents who reported that they had more than ten players in their groups. One thought 5 was an ideal number of players, the other 4. I hate to think what your groups must be like guys!

Finally, for those of you who believe that a picture tells a thousand words, and don't mind the fact that it occupies about ten thousand words of storage, here's a graph "wot I knocked up".

In this issue's Feedback we've got a mixed bag of questions. No particular theme, just a few of those nagging questions that annoy until you get some answers.

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