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Contents Last issue, in the Freak, we presented an overcooked combat monster for the Heroes Unlimited system and challenged others to come up with alternatives. Chris Fleming took up the challenge and produced the Brick. We think its about par with the Freak, but see what you think.

1st Level


Humanoid Mineral

High Radiation

Possesses Superhuman Abilities


Extraordinary ME

Extraordinary PE

Healing Factor

Combat Specialist

HTH Martial Arts

All the Physical Skills

Bunch of other skills

Plus all the alien weapons and stuff

All rolls are average, except for the super ability roll that grants 1 major and 3 minor

IQ 9

ME 25 Superhuman

MA 9

PS 39 Superhuman

PP 11

PE 29 Superhuman. Does not fatigue.

PB 9

Spd 20

AR 14

SDC 492 Regenerates 3/10min

HP 224 Regenerates 1/15min. 4D6, twice daily

Impervious to Radiation.

Physical attacks do no damage.

Supernatural Strength attacks do 1/2 damage.

+10 vs. poisons/toxins/gasses/... All are 1/6 damage. None can be lethal.

+6 mind altering drugs

+68% Comma/Death

+8 vs. Psionics. Base save of a 12.

+6 vs. Horror Factor

+6 vs. Possession

+10 vs. Magic

+1 vs. Magical Illusions

+8 vs. Insanity

Attacks Per Melee 5

Parry/Dodge +3

RWP +9

Initiative +2

Pull Punch +3

Damage +24

This character is virtually unstoppable. Physical attacks do not harm him. He only needs to roll a 4 on a D20 to resist psionics. He has a +10 versus magic. Supernatural Strength attacks do 1/2 damage. Radiation doesn't effect him. Poisons are hardly likely to either. However he could suffocate or starve, given long enough time. And on top of all of this resistance, he has an armor rating, and incredible amount of SDC and HP, and they regenerate as well.

No other character could possibly stack up to this brick.
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