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Contents Kill The Hippy is a scenario suitable for any modern-day conspiracy oriented game (we are, or course, taking a broad definition of the word "suitable" as you will understand when you read the scenario).


The player characters are working as part of an alien-led conspiracy to first reconnoitre, and then invade, the planet Earth. Their specific role in this conspiracy is to act as bodyguards / assistants to the leader of the alien faction (the "Greys") on Earth.

The leader, Mr Jones, lives in the village of Much Wenlock, in Berkshire, England. On the evening of the scenario he is inviting a few guests round for a game of cards. He very much wants it to be a success.

The players must ensure this is so.

Advice For GMs

The scenario is flexible, and can be fleshed out in many areas depending on which way the players go. It is vital to keep up an atmosphere of fear and paranoia. Make them believe that behind every corner lies either an assassin who will kill their boss, or a nutter who will expose him on national television.

Throw in as many spurious leads, event and general happenings as you can. Keep them on their toes.

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