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We were playing a game called TimeMaster. For those who haven't heard of it, this is a time-travelling game where you play agents of the Time Corps, on a mission to prevent the Damoreans (the bad guys) from changing the time-line.

We had been sent back to the First World War, on the eve of the Battle of Cambrai, to prevent the Damoreans (who were disguised as Germans) from giving modern weapons to the German air force, thus changing history.

As we infiltrated into the German rear area (wearing captured German flight suits) we realised that we ought to come up with some German "cover names". Something that would be easy for us to remember. We came up with some ideal ones. For us they were easy to remember, but for anyone in 1917 they would mean absolutely nothing. And they were pretty funny (at least we sniggered).

There was one vital flaw in our plan. We had forgotten that the Damoreans knew as much about the "future" as us.

So it all went horribly wrong when we drew up in front of a Sergeant (who happened to be a Damorean in disguise) and proudly announced:

"Leutnants Heinrich Himmler, Joseph Gerbels and Rudolph Hess, reporting for duty!"
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