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Most Game Masters are evil at heart, and in a Cyberpunk world that is a good quality. However there is more to life than gunfights, explosions and brawls. Yes, really there is. Planning ambushes, betrayals, and devious deadly plots is all well and good, but there is another side to life that the GM should not ignore. Money makes the world go round, as they say. The players should always have a reason for needing more of it. Buying guns, ammo, and gadgets will be the character's top priority, but what about the dull daily expenses, the cost of living?

It is safe to say that all characters must: buy food; make payments on dwelling and vehicle (unless they buy it outright); pay taxes (there will always be taxes and service charges); do laundry; purchase some clothing and personal items; and of course some there are entertainment expenses. In a modern world the GM may assume the cost of living runs 50% of one's income or higher. In a cyber punk world the GM should increase this 80% or more.

The following sections take a more detailed look at the cost of living. It is written from the North American viewpoint, but should easily be adapted to other countries. It offers advice to the GM about how to drain cash from the players. When they ask: "where the hell did all my money go?" -and they will ask this question - you can give them a quick accounting of their expenses.

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