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Contents In last issues feedback we asked you a few questions about yourself and got your opinions on a few subjects:


We asked which country you lived in. You said:

United States: 47%

United Kingdom: 17%

Canada: 10%

Australia: 5%

New Zealand: 5%

I'm not sure, I've been partying very hard recently and am rather confused: 3%

Germany: 2%

Sweden: 2%

Austria: 1%

Alpha Centauri: 1%

Belgium: 1%

Betelguese: 1%

Brazil: 1%

Denmark: 1%

Finland: 1%

Italy: 1%

Ireland: 1%

Mexico: 1%

So some of you guys are Americans then? Hmmm...

How You Got Here

We asked how you found out about us. Unfortunately, due to a coding error we are unable to distinguish between "The Great RPG Archive" and "Graffiti in a toilet" (oops) but here's what you said anyway:

RPGNet: 17%

Great RPG archive / Graffiti in toilet: 16%

Recommended by friend / acquaintance / bloke I know: 15%

Yahoo: 15%

Confused / Forgotten / Babbling: 7%

Uncle Figgy's Realm: 6%

Usenet posting: 5%

Alta Vista: 2%

Uncle Bear Online: 2%

Mailing Lists: 2%

Places To Go People To Be: 2%

BTRC: 1%

Business cards: 1%

Delta Green: 1% 1% 1%

Imazine: 1%

Infoseek: 1%

Jadope Traveller: 1%

Jig Noir Melt: 1% 1%

SJ Games: 1%

Webcrawler: 1%

WebRPG: 1%

Kindof mixed, but it's nice to know that good old-fashioned recommendations are up there.

New Zealand

Prompted by Tattoo Girl's insistence that "Everyone knows that New Zealand is famous for earthquakes!" we asked: "Which of these is New Zealand famous for?"

(The percentage for each item is the proportion, of those who responded, who thought New Zealand was famous for that thing).

Sheep: 66%

Men having sex with sheep: 42%

Rugby: 34%

Volcanoes: 8%

Bacon: 6%

Earthquakes: 5%

Computer software: 3%

Singing: 3%

Electronics: 2%

Lucy Lawless (Zena): 2%

So sheep, sheep-shagging and rugby it is then. Not earthquakes.

How Old You Are

Worried that we were hideously old, we asked which age range you fall in:

10 to 14 years: 2%

15 to 19 years: 18%

20 to 24 years: 31%

25 to 29 years: 32%

30 to 39 years: 15%

40 to 49 years: 1%

200+ years: 1%

Who says roleplaying's an aging hobby with little support among today's young people? [Pause to panic].

Well I suppose the good news is we're not hideously old compared with you guys. I was a bit worried that Critical Miss consisted of a load of old blokes swearing at kids and corrupting them.

The Little Green Guy

And finally we asked about the "little green guy" mentioned in the letter to Ask Dr. Bubba. You thought he was:

A severely traumatised 900 year-old alien: 47%

A novelty backpack: 53%

Have you people no soul?

In this issue's feedback we've got a few questions about men, women and relationships.

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