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Contents Killercon 2000 will be running on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th March 2000, from 10 am till late. Scheduled games, talks and films will stop at around 11pm, with the exception of a Vampire LARP which may run later. Rooms should be available for delegate organised games to run late into the night.

For table-top roleplay, we will have AD&D, Call Of Chthulu, Amber, Delta Green. Feng Shui, Bribery and Corruption (a low-dice roleplay) and much more,

We will have two styles of free-form: a Vampire LARP, *and* a low-combat gathering-style LARP. With all the LARP enthusiasm round here, you are highly encouraged to dress up in character, and there will be some sort of fancy dress competition. Some costume items may be available for hire. There will be battle-reenactor groups represented and in costume, for those who are interested in the more serious examination of costuming.

We will have wargames, computer games, and strategy board games. There will be several games of Settlers of Ktahn running; Magic and Jyhad trading card games; Necromundia, Bloodbowl,

We will have traders: books, games, weapons, costume suppliers.

There will be DVD films showing on our huge projector.

There will be talks by such fine folks as James Wallis of Hogshead Publishing, and panels, allowing us all to wade into discussions about characterisation and plot development, military history, differing social structures past and future, magic and technology in warfare.

There will be an ongoing game of Killer, which you can join into for as long as you wish at any point during the convention.

There will be demos of Labby-style sword techniques, plus other styles.

Play-testing of new games, plus such fine story-telling games as Once Upon a Time and Baron Munchausen demonstrated by the creator....

Based on the campus of Royal Holloway, in Surrey, the cost will not cripple you: 6 pounds for both days, or 3 pounds for one day, half-price for students and unwaged, with 1/3 off on advance bookings. Cheques to RHUL student union.

Reaching Royal Holloway: by train: Take the Waterloo-to-Reading line to Egham. By car; follow the A30 from M25/A30 junction about 2 miles out of London up to Englefield Green. (More details can be found on the university's web site).

Contact the convention secretary at 85 St Judes Road, Englefield Green, Egham, Surrey TW20 0DF, or 01784 431998 for registration or further information, or email Further details on
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