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Contents There's nothing more fun than testing your knowledge against your peers - unless the bastards try to strangle you when you win (perhaps some day I'll write up the infamous Jonny Vs "The Rest Of The Gaming Group" Trivial Pursuits game of 1993).

So with that in mind - and so we can show off our vast prowess in creating CGI applications* - we thought we'd create a few little quizlets for you to test out your knowledge of roleplaying.

We divided our tests into three areas:




Have a bash. See how you do.

* Just for those who were unfortunate enough to witness our November flame war on the chat mailing list, these CGI apps were in fact written by Jonny, with the HTML coding being done by Bubba. So there. Glad we got that cleaned up. [Whistles tunelessly and wonders away].
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