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Every single role-playing book you bought has lied to you. At the beginning, there is always a small section for the morons who don't know what an RPG is. More often than nought, one of the sentences will be, "Now, you can't just win a role-playing game, but..."

This is a heaping pile of bullshit. Time and time again I've seen yet another player gripping the game in his hands. That odd PC behind the screen who calls himself the GM is completely helpless.

Now, to the average watcher, it would seem like he is just a good role-player. To anyone in the game with below average perception, it would seem like he's good friends with the GM, and is just getting a bonus for being a buddy that tags along. If anyone who is actually paying attention to the game notices the conquest, then it is too late. Once someone has started, they are unstoppable, almost impossible, to catch them in the act. It's like donning a Superman costume, running on the motorway, and sticking your hand out expecting the oncoming lorry to halt. On the other hand, at least the suit is reusable.

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