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Contents When the Critical Miss team playtested this game it generated some mixed reviews. I thought it was a cute, fun little game, and everyone else thought it sucked. But this isn't a democracy, it's a system of one man, one vote.

I'm the editor and I've got the vote.

All you need to play Elevator is a standard deck of cards, something to mark 11 dividing lines (pencils or straws will do fine here) and a token for each player which can mark a direction (a matchstick with the head end being forward will do).

And unlike some other games we've done, this is a nice little game with no unpleasant language or violence. (Except for rule 7.b where it states that if a marketing executive attempts to enter your elevator you can get bonus points for: "...slamming the door shut repeatedly on the yuppie, scum, corporate fucker until his bastard brains are washing all over the sodding floor and he is dead, dead, DEAD!")

Just kidding.

Actually you could play this game with your grandmother. Admittedly, she'd probably die of boredom...

Well after that hype filled start, let's get onto the rules.

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