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Killing The Party

Well let's start with the obvious one first. Slaughtering the whole sodding party in one go. The premise behind this method is that generally, it is the characters that the players love, rather than the setting itself.

If one character dies, then a new character can join. The other characters will keep alive the memory of the old character and the things he and his colleagues did. But if all the character die, the shared memory heritage is lost.

And for them that means the end of the campaign.

(As an aside, the BBC used this technique when they wanted to get rid of the science-fiction series "Blake's 7" in the early eighties. They had seen what had happened with Star Trek - particularly the relentless lobbying by fans for a resumption of the series - and did not wish to spend the best part of the next decade under geek assault. So in the final scene of the final episode of the final series, all the group were ambushed and shot dead. One by one. They even bought back some characters who had left in earlier series and shot them too. Just to make sure).

This method has one big advantage. It is quick and decisive. It does of course have one huge disadvantage, which is its basic emotional cruelty.

If you're going to try it you must make it definite. Just as with hunting, you need a quick, painless kill. The last thing you want to do is leave your campaign screaming like a wounded animal.

Be quick, decisive, and make sure you haven't left any loopholes. Overwhelming odds and an unfair situation are the keys here.

It was the day a team died.

The Cricketer fell first, playing a straight bat to a hail of molten lead that cut straight through an inch of English willow and eviscerated him. "Howzat!" screamed a manic mechanical voice.

Mr Mysterious died next, a giant buzzsaw rising quickly through a concealed trapdoor he happened to be standing on and slicing him in two. "Oh dear... you seem to have gone to pieces!"

A section of floor dissolved under Ben Nevis. He mighty granite muscles pulsed uselessly as he fell a mile to the molten magma below. Three dead in as many seconds.

"Fuck this!" screamed the Flasher. He threw his raincoat open, and in a flash of otherware was gone, away and to safety.

Mother Earth disappeared in a chaos of shattered crystal and broken dreams. "So much for affirmative action!" screamed the voice, mockingly.

It's over, thought Captain Liberty, it's all over. And he remembered.

The medallion the gods had given him.

And the promise it represented. He grasped the brass disk and thought: "You said you'd always save us."

For a long instance time froze, as though he shoved a rod through the spokes of Fate's bicycle and sent it crashing to the floor. Then time snapped back into flow.

And he was saved.

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