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Contents It was a rough kind of town, the kind of town where the men are real men, and the women are right slags.

Dark Liberty shivered in the cold winter air and drew his camouflaged jacket more tightly around him. Beside him, the militiamen he had recruited since his framing by the new world order of the Federal government hefted their rifles, and prepared to strike.

"The bomb's armed and ready to detonate," his second-in-command breathed. "We're ready to go..."

It's gone wrong hasn't it? In attempting to end your campaign you have instead mutated it into some kind of cancerous monster. It's out-of-control.

Now sometimes you luck out in this situation, and end up with what you actually wanted in the first place. Perhaps you actually wanted to replace your four-colour superhero game with something dark and gritty, with a paranoid feel and shades-of-gray morality - and by God, with a leading character who's wanted for bombings, shootings, destruction of federal property and possession of several hundred dodgy JPEGs, you've got that in spades.

But let's assume that this isn't what you wanted, and a campaign you didn't really want to run has mutated into a campaign you sure as hell don't want to run.

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