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Contents Each issue in Feedback we ask you for your opinion on some subject relating to roleplaying (unless we've just been upset by a women in which case we'll ask you about that).

Last issue we asked you what you thought of the idea that we had set out in that issue's Thought For The Soul, the Chimp-Gorilla Hypothesis.

We asked what sex you were:

92% of you are men.

6% of you are women.

3% of you are hermaphrodites.

I worry about some of you guys sometimes...

We asked the women what they thought about the Chimp-Gorilla Hypothesis:

39% thought it was pretty accurate.

38% thought it had some truth in it.

24% thought it was complete crap.

We asked the men whether they thought they were gorillas or chimps:

71% said that they were chimps.

10% said that they were gorillas.

19% thought that the hypothesis was a load of crap.

Finally, we asked for your opinion of Tattoo Girl's rejection of Jonny:

35% of you thought that it was one of the great tragic mistakes of the second millennium.

But 65% of you thought that it was pretty sensible, considering that his own readers voted him a screaming pervert.

Not a lot to say here really.

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