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Contents This week in gaming records we're looking at the most ridiculous self-inflicted death ever suffered by a character in one of our gaming groups.

We had a few strong runners up for this one. My own (Jonny's) death at Killercon for one.

But the winner had to be the strange and unpleasant end of General Lee.

This was our Sword of the South campaign, started by Bog Boy as a harmless generic superhero campaign, but then warped by yours truly into something rather stranger. I was playing Southern Cross, who was kindof an arrogant, overblown, bigoted version of Captain America, and had pretty much managed to drag the storyline my way. (And yes, I realise this is probably the worse example of people of one culture just blundering into someone else's culture with no idea of the sensitivities involved).

But that's another story.

The point is this. The GM (Bog Boy) needed to introduce a new player character into the group, and thought of an interesting twist. The group (e.g. the Sword of the South) was pretty heavily anti-federal government (though we weren't actually putting bombs into Federal builders or anything) and were - or so we thought - working in a quasi-official role for the state government of Georgia.

What we didn't know was that their little superhero department was totally infiltrated by the Federal government, and that the Feds had decided to infiltrate one of their own men into our super team, to keep tabs on us.

This new bloke being a gadget super-soldier type called General Lee.

So we think he's something to do with the Georgian state government, when he's actually a Fed.

Now this would have been fine except for one little detail which the GM had presumably overlooked. The character played by General Tangent, who incidentally was my character's sister, had a variety of mental powers, including some read mind stuff.

General Lee, in his "out of costume" guise, invites her to a restaurant, hoping to pull, and there, she reads his mind. And finds out that he is a fed. Not good.

She had another power too - pyrokinesis or something. Basically she could start small fires by thought. Which is what she did. As a slightly mean prank she set the cuff of his shirt on fire.

The GM rolls a dice. "3 points of damage," he announces, then asks: "What are you going to do?"

"I'm gunna take it!" General Lee's player replies.

"Well you're have to make a willpower roll then."


So the player makes his willpower roll, to just sit there in his chair with his cuff on fire, and succeeds. (His character had a very high willpower).

The GM rolls two dice. "7 points of damage. What are you going to do?"

"I'm gunna take it!"

"Okay, make a willpower roll."

And so on.

He just sat there as the GM rolled 3 dice, then 4 and so on, and kept on making the willpower rolls, until he was dead. His character just sat there in a crowded restaurant, and burnt to death. He didn't roll on the floor, he didn't grab a jug of water from a nearby table, he just sat there as the flames took hold.

And died.

We never were able to quite establish what the player was thinking. Did he not realise that this wasn't like damage from a weapon? That it wasn't one batch of damage that you could take? That the reason the GM kept on rolling dice every round, and more and more of them, was because his character was on fire, and would continue to be until he was only a charred lump of blackened flesh?

Or was he just bored of the game?

We never did find out.
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