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Contents In this issue's soul thought we continue in the vein we began to explore last issue, namely that of why women sleep with the men they sleep with, and more importantly, why it's never us they choose.

Shortly after we published the Gorilla-Chimp hypothesis in issue 4, I read about a bit of interesting research that some scientist chappies had done.

Now it all sounded pretty convincing, although there is always the possibility that they're just a bunch of bitter geeks whose wives have left them for better looking men. What they had tried to do was introduce some kind of quantifiable test to the arena.

They had produced a software application which could take a photograph of a man, and morph it in two different ways, firstly to make his features a bit more feminine, and secondly to make his features a bit more masculine.

So they could - by feeding in a load of pictures of unknown blokes - come up with a library of paired images, where each pair would appear to be blokes who looked almost the same, but were different in some subtle way that you couldn't put your finger on. Two photo sets of near identical men, some more feminine, some more masculine.

I think the paper referred to them as the George Clooney set, masculine, and Leonardo DiCaprio set, feminine. (I should point out here, that we use the names of these two celebrities purely as descriptive labels and we are not in any way suggesting anything about their characters, even if all the women do want to shag George. Bastard.)

They then constructed a test using these images. They would present a women with a series of paired pictures, and ask her to say which one she found the most sexually attractive.

And then - and this is the clever bit - not only did they run this test on a load of women, but they ran the test several times in a month for each women.

Comparing it with her monthly cycle.

And what they found was very interesting. The women's responses changed according to where they were in the cycle.

When a women was not fertile (which is actually most of the time) she tended to find the feminine pictures more attractive. But during the few days when she was fertile she found the masculine pictures more attractive.

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