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Contents ok so ya want to know about bubba. i figure i'll just drop stuff in this page that maybe is relevant to something.

why bubba?

Well unlike most of the Critical Miss Crew, Bubba was and is my Nickname (One of them anyway). After spending some time away from Gaming I hooked up again with the group at a funeral. It must have been kind of a shock for them to have someone they considered a Geek show up with a Shaved head and missing his glasses. A few Beers later that night and Bog-Boy in his usual sarcastic tone called me Bubba...
...the rest as they say is History.


I first got into Gaming about 14 years ago ('85) when I saw the D&D boxed set in a shop window. The dragon on the front cover caught something inside of me and I read the book cover to cover. Hell I didn't understand it but I was in my read anything phase, (When all the kids my age wanted to play for Manchester United I wanted to be a Librarian), it did stick in my head though.

From there I went to gaming at School and then with friends in my spare time. It wasn't until 6 years later ('91) that I hooked up with Jonny Nexus, General Tangent and later Bog-Boy. TAFKAC and I (Friends from School) both went along to a gaming thing JN was organizing at a local shop.

This set the foundations for most of my gaming life.

Critical Miss

Critical Miss is something that came about from Jonny. Sole credit for the fanzine idea goes direct to him. Saying that, if it had not been for my pushing him, nothing would ever have happened. Jonny has the Best Ideas but never follows them up. Me I get something in my head and I just wont let go. Jonny was a Writer with no way to get his stuff read, I was a Webmaster who had lost his Website. Critical Miss is the product. We do hope you like it but to be honest Jonny is the one with the Fragile Ego. Me I don't care...

We did initially pitch the idea to the members of our gaming group. Suffice to say in the true manner of all dysfunctional rolplayers they laughed at us.

Initial Responsibility for Critical Miss can be divided as such:
Jonny Nexus
The Idea, Cash, Site Design and Most of the articles
HTML, Site Structure, Site Design and the Push to get things going
The Name 'Critical Miss,' the Cookbook and the 2 Dice Logo
His Dice for the Logo
General Tangent
The one thing that Jonny and myself give to Critical Miss, more then anyone else, is our TIME. Both of us are busy and this is not what we do for a living. Jonny spends more time then anyone writing and formatting the articles. Me I just code and maintain the server, surprisingly time consuming as anyone who does this knows.

Other Stuff

I Love Gadgets. When I say Gadgets I don't mean those useless things you see on those TV Adverts. No I mean the Cool things you know you want. Things you use not only for their usefulness, but also because you want others to see you using them. (Hey I'm Shallow)

Current Gadgets I have with me at all times are.
  • Ericsson T18s Mobile Phone (Juniper Blue) My Link to the world.
    Dual Band (GSM 900/1800). Full Graphic Display. Active Flip. Voice Dialing/answering. Vibrating Alert.
    I have Three Lines, Normal, Priority and Fax/Data. You can also SMS and email me direct to the phone.
    Check out mobile.ericsson.com/t18/
  • Ericsson DI 27 (Infrared Modem)
    Connection Speed of 2400-9600 bps Radio Link Protocol. V.42bis Compression enables up to 38400bps. Fax Speed 2400-9600 Group III (Class 1 and 2).
    Connects the T18s to the Following Gadget.
    Check out mobile.ericsson.com/
  • PSION Series 5 MX
    32-bit RISC-based ARM710T RISC CPU running at 36MHz. EPOC (32bit multitasking) OS. 16MB RAM. 16 grey scale 640 x 240 pixels Backlit Display, touch sensitive screen. Digital sound recording. RS232 Fast Serial Port (115 kbps). IrDA-compliant Infrared.
    This thing organizes my life. As well as keeping Contact information for me and the usual Agenda stuff, using this and my phone I can connect to the internet and get mail.
    Check out www.series5mx.com/
  • PULSAR Spoon INGOT Silver Tone LED
    Time. Alarm. Chrono. etc. (It's a Watch)
    Have you seen how Cool this thing Looks! (Jonny has the INGOT Titanium one)
    Check out www.virtualspoon.com/
  • Oakley Eye Jackets (Fingerprint/Silver Iridium)
    100% UV Protection
    This particular Frame is no longer in Manufacture. Guess that weren't that popular but I Love them, partly because I have never seen anyone else wearing them.
    You can see other Oakley stuff at www.oakley.com/

    Ok that's it for this issue. I am sure I will update this again for the next one. If only to add new Gadgets on to this list.

    Peace Init!

    If you would like to know more about Bubba, you can see either his description in GURPS character form, or as a Geek Code .

    Bubba's GURPS character
    Bubba's Geek Code
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