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Contents Each issue in Feedback we ask you for your opinion on some subject relating to roleplaying (unless we've just been upset by a woman in which case we'll ask you about that).

This issue we're not asking you about roleplaying.

But first, let's see what you told us via last issue's Feedback. We asked you about a rather unfortunate incident which had occurred in one of our games.

As seems to often be the case, the result was very close. But in the end, the results were:

49% of you felt that it had been a reasonable plan to deal with what was, after all, an unknown degree of threat from someone who, by her interior decoration, had demonstrated a complete contempt for human life.

But 51% of you disagreed, saying that it was a psychotic over-reaction which ended with a harmless and helpless old woman (and six house cats) suffering a horrifying and agonising death.

Well sod it, I still think we were right. Better safe than sorry.

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