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Contents the general is probably the most hard-core of the people who make up the critical miss games society. he started gaming over 12 years ago and his first purchase was the ad&d players guide. despite the first gaming session leaving him semi-bored*, he continued to try to master the art of gaming.

skip forward several years until we hit the moment when gt met jonny nexus. the general attended hoping to broaden his playing style and jn gave him this chance, a group of people who knew nothing of gt previous gaming foul ups.

after this, it sort of spiralled downwards and only recently did gt get a chance to game again with jn, a gap of only five or so years.

playing style

Varies, from anarchic to deadly serious, depending on game / GM / other players.

GM Style

Erratic, I try my best to be fair, but hate being contradicted by people who sit around and do nothing to enhance the game for the others. I also lump into that category people who don't keep abreast with the latest technology.

Other Notes

Has a large collection of games, ranging from good to crap. GT loves technology, the idea of taking an item and advancing it along a logical progression to something else. GT is also a Fortean.

Favourite Games

Call Of Cthulhu, Conspiracy X, Torg, Star Wars, Cyberpunk, Warhammer and AD&D.

Personal peeves

At the moment people who fail to commit to anything, whether this is failing to turn up without giving a days notice or give any indication of still being alive. I firmly believe that gaming is a two way street, the players must be willing to put in at least some background for their characters and do a little extra work, if this is research so much the better. The GM is committing time to this, the very least the players could help out.

When I started Conspiracy X, the Cell building was left to TAFKAC, and me. None of the other players could be bothered. Last on my list is people who come along to do nothing more than kill things and people who just alter names on dead characters, then pass this off as their new character.


* GT was playing a Wizard and cast the only spell against a giant frog. GT Then spent the rest of the three-hour combat doing nothing!

More Info

If you would like to know more about General Tangent, you can see his description in GURPS character form.

General Tangents GURPS character


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