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Contents I found QAGS whilst browing in my local gaming store. At first glance, it didn't look pretty noticeable, being merely an A5 sized black-and-white booklet.

But it was cheap ($5.99 or 3.99) and had a "suggested for mature readers" warning on the front cover - so I decided to take a look, and was soon chuckling out loud.

To give you an idea, let me quote the example given in the section describing how you come up with a character concept:

Luke: I'm thinking of playing sort of a bisexual, tough-as-leather gunslinger.

Jesse (GM): Well that should work well in my wild west setting. But are you sure you're up to the challenge of roleplaying a bisexual?

Luke: But, Jesse... I am a bisexual.

Jesse: Uh...

[Awkward pause]

I also found some bizzare rules for converting between 1st and 2nd edition QAGS, including rule 17: "Acts of bestiality (especially chicken-fuckin') are now officially frowned upon by Hex Games."

I could go on, but then there would be no point you buying the book.

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