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Contents At the bottom of each of our articles is a little form area asking what you thought of the article and allowing you to submit a rating. We use this ratings to try to work out what works in the magazine, and what doesn't.

But since you've taken the time to do the ratings, we figured we ought to give you some idea of what the results were, hence this "top ten" section. We've actually ranked the articles in two ways.

Firstly, we just worked out the average score. This gives a pretty good idea of how, on average, people liked an article. However, we noticed that some articles fared pretty badly under this scheme. These tended to be the more controversial ones that people either loved or hated. The way I figure it, if everyone gives an article a rating of 4 out of 7, for an average of 4, that article was clearly not particularly good and didn't really enhance the magazine. However, if 50% of the readers rate an article as 7, and the other 50% rate it as 1, for the same average of 4, that article was definitely worth publishing - since for half our readers, it alone made visiting our site worthwhile.

Am I making sense? Hope so.

To take account of this, we've also ranked the articles in a second way, by giving points based on how many 7, 6 and 5 ratings they got. Of course, this system also has its flaws. It rewards those articles that were read by many people, which is good to a certain extent, but means that those articles at the top of the contents list (e.g. mine) are liable to get more than those at the bottom. But then you can't have everything.

...And what articles did you like best? One about the genetic basis behind female infidelity, and another about a washing machine.

This is supposed to be a roleplaying magazine people!

So here they are:

Top Ten (Based On Average Rating)

1) Thought For The Soul 5.81
2) The Day My Washing-Machine Went Walkabout 5.80
3) Pimp: The Free Collectible Card Game 5.78
4) Roleplaying In The Big Red 5.76
5) Deckplans, Floorplans And Assorted Diagrams 5.66
6) The Big Push 5.64
7) Universe Validity Test Kit 5.62
8) Ending Your Campaign 5.59
9) My Live Action Misadventures 5.51
10) Killercon 2000 5.48

Top Ten (Based On 5, 6 & 7 Ratings)

1) Ending Your Campaign
2) My Live Action Misadventures
3) Universe Validity Test Kit
4) Ask Doctor Bubba
5) The Day My Washing-Machine Went Walkabout
6) Do Women Shit?
7) Deckplans, Floorplans And Assorted Diagrams
8) Pimp: The Free Collectible Card Game
9) Thought For The Soul
10) Roleplaying In The Big Red
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