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When I wrote the novel several years ago, I wrote the blurb below. It's probably as good a description as I could come up with now, so here it is:

Barcode is the story of one man's revealing, and sometimes brutal, journey through a future post-collapse society in search of his sister's murderers. It is a journey that will take him through a world of contrasts; a world in which humanity lives in tranquil, garden cities, buried beneath domes, while outside is a poisoned landscape, bombarded with deadly ultra-violet rays and sparsely populated by deformed, mutated wildlife.

"You're a psycho!" - A former work colleague after reading the first line.

It is a world of beautiful and peaceful people, of a caring and gentle society - on the surface. For like most "utopias" this one is not for all. For the citizens, life is long and pleasurable. but for the genetically-engineered slaves who make it possible, life is usually short and harsh.

"All the women are naked and they all end up dead!" - My brother's then-girlfriend after reading the first two chapters. (It isn't true, but I thought it was a good quote).

Here it is:

Chapter 1: Kerensky's

Chapter 2: Bristol

Chapter 3: Glastonbury

Chapter 4: Oxford

Chapter 5: The Pleasure Dome

Chapter 6: The Centre

Chapter 7: North City I

Chapter 8: North City II

Chapter 9: Birmingham

Chapter 10: New London I

Chapter 11: New London II

Chapter 12: New London III

Chapter 13: The Big House

Chapter 14: The Nursery

Appendix A: Timeline (this has spoilers, so don't read in advance)

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