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Conception 2002 - Convention Report


Costs incurred at Conception 2002 (for six people):-

Accommodation (3 bedroom chalet): 140
Travel (car hire, petrol, train): 215
Food & Drink (including bar and cafe): 282
Organised Games: 30
Plastic child's spade, yellow: 1.79

Total: 668.79

(Not included, merchandise purchases of approx 210)

Hours Of Organised Play:-

10 (five people for two hours)

Cost per hour of play (not including merchandising):-

66.88 per hour of play

(87.83 if merchandising is included)

We were originally going to try to write this as quite a positive review, but as I sit here writing in our chalet at Conception, on Sunday morning, a bit upset, I think I'm just going to rant instead. I put the costs at the top, partly as a guide to how much you might expect to spend if you go to this convention next year, but mostly because we're pissed off, and writing is cathartic. And cheaper than shopping, which is what Bog Boy and Mark have gone to do. (NOTE:- In an effort to be a bit constructive, I have put all the suggestions for convention organisers in italic text).

This is what happened, and this is why we're pissed off.