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Each issue in Feedback we ask you for your opinion on some subject. Originally, this was supposed to be a subject at least vaguely related to roleplaying, but over the last six issues we wondered so far off topic that to insist otherwise would be to invite ridicule. So the new definition is that in Feedback we ask you about what the hell we damn well please.

Glad we got that out of the way.

Last issue we examined the vexed issue of whether Kiwis (that is inhabitants of New Zealand) can be trusted to pay back borrowed money. The results were interesting to say the least!

Firstly, we asked if you had ever loaned money to a New Zealander. The results were:

24% of you said that yes, you had previously loaned money to someone from New Zealand.

51% of you said that no, you had never loaned money to someone from New Zealand, but that you would be prepared to in the future.

Somewhat bizarrely, 25% had not only never loaned money to someone from New Zealand, but were adamant that they never would.

We then asked those 24% who had loaned money to a Kiwi about the success they'd had in getting the money back. The results were:

47% of you said that yes, the honourable citizen of New Zealand paid all the money back, in full and on-time.

But a whopping 53% of you replied that no, the bastard Kiwi shafted you.

Well, I think that everyone will agree that those results are both shocking and conclusive. I'll leave it to you guys to draw your own conclusions as to your future lending strategy.