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How To Write A "New-Age Mythic" Game


You're probably asking at this point what a "New-Age Mythic" game is. Well there's no such phrase. We* made it up. We could have called this article something more specific. But then we might have got sued.


Let's say you want to write a game. And let's say that you have no truck with creativity or innovation. You want to give people what they want. Or more specifically, you want to find something whose sales figures indicate that it already offers what people apparently want, and give them something that is kindof like that.

This article is for you. A simple 15-step guide to writing a "New-Age Mythic"** game. We've illustrated these steps using an example game concept, although I stopped doing that half-way through because it uses pretty dodgy stereotypes, and quite-frankly I lost my nerve.

* Thanks to the various members of the team for contributing their thoughts and ideas.

** From now on, we will abbreviate this to NAMG.