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The day I suggested I do an article giving "the players reaction", we had our regular Thursday evening game. I can be fairly clueless at times, and one of those times happened during this game.

It was one of those simple one-shot D20 scenarios that are two-a-penny nowadays. We were looking for a particular group of thieves, and had found a drunkard in a bar who we figured knew where they were. His speech, carefully read out by the GM, Bog Boy, was along these lines:

"The thiefsies, they's hiding, from the knightsies, down in the shewers, where the knightsies won't find them..."

So at the end I said something like: "So we're looking for... the shewers". (I was thinking of it as shoe-ers).

At which point everyone else pissed themselves laughing, pointing out that he was drunk, and was slurring the word "sewers".

(I'd figured that he was maybe talking about a pub where shoe-makers hung around, but I had to admit that their version made more sense).

I did feel like a total twat, but at least I did get to come up with a good line a half hour later, when we were down the sewers being mullered by ten giant spiders, and Mark told me it was all my fault.

"What the hell are you talking about?" I shouted, "if you'd left it up to me, we'd still be up there looking for a fucking cobbler!"

They had to admit that I'd got a point.

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