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By 'The Ear, Nose and Throat of Vecna'.

Welcome to the Character Creation section for the game Role-Player! This section of the rulebook details the Advantages, Disadvantages, Skills, Backgrounds and Equipment available to characters in the world of Role-Player! The costs are liable to change at the discretion of the referee (or Warden), or according to the constantly shifting nature of society. However, be aware that the main characters in Role-Player! are often completely untouched by the changes that happen to the rest of the world.

Throughout this section we have used the male pronoun. This is not intended as a slight to the female gender, but as a reflection of the society in which Role-Player! exists.


These are benefits that can be purchased at the point of character creation. They raise the Role-Player! character above the standard set by his peers, often making the character actually able to live exist outside of the marginal society of ordinary Role-Player! characters.

Seen girl naked 10 pts

Seen girl naked in real life 25 pts

Boyfriend 25 pts

Boyfriend who isn't a role-player Not allowed without special permission from the Warden.

Girlfriend 50 pts

Girlfriend with waist 175 pts

Girlfriend who shares your interests 50 pts extra to either of the basic 'Girlfriend' Advantages.

Atheist beliefs 5 pts

Wiccan or other 'pagan' beliefs 5 pts

Anglican beliefs 10 pts

Roman Catholic and other Christian beliefs 20 pts

Born-Again Christian beliefs Not allowed without special permission from the Warden.

Non-Caucasian 100 pts

Survive entirely on diet of Lemon Yum-Yums, Pot Noodles and mead 5 pts

Exceptional caffeine tolerance 5 pts

Lovecraftian vocabulary 5 pts

Parental Understanding of role-playing 15 pts

Goes on sunny holidays 20 pts

Has a job which would not result in a seat on the second Golgafrincham Ark 15 pts

Does not understand reference to the second Golgafrincham Ark 20 pts

Job does not involve computers 30 pts

Plays sports regularly like a real man 50 pts

Able to credit freeform writer for cool things in character's background rather than self 20 pts

Understands the concept of time-keeping 15 pts

Doesn't snore 10 pts

Able to give names to characters that are appropriate to the setting and are not Gygax-style, e.g., 'Kazyon' or 'Zarquin' 20 pts

Can recognise the difference between a subtle reference and outright plagiarism. 15 pts

Doesn't suffer from a deep-seated and secret loathing of themselves 15 pts

Likes Goth music Free (could be considered a Disadvantage)

Likes rock music Free

Likes classical music 5 pts

Likes rap music 5 pts

Likes dance music 15 pts

Likes pop music 20 pts

Likes 'Hi-NRG' disco 50 pts