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The Second Worst Scenario Ever Written


Around this time last year I had a hankering to try a bit of GMing. But being both busy and lazy, I wanted something I could run using purchased scenarios only, and so - rather stupidly - I picked Aberrant, from White Wolf.

Not that there's anything wrong with the game system. It's a great game. It's just that the scenarios leave a little to be desired, although that wasn't immediately apparent. I'd bought "Aberrant Worldwide (Phase I: A Worldwide Sourcebook for Aberrant)" which, contrary to what the title might imply, was a mini-campaign consisting of four linked scenarios. I also had the booklet which came with the Storyteller's Screen, which consisted of another mini-campaign, with three linked scenarios. A campaign wasn't what I was expecting from a GM's screen, but I wasn't going to complain.

It seemed I had an abundance of scenarios. Considering we only do sessions of two or three hours, once a week, and we take it in turns to GM, seven scenarios could take care of my GMing duties for a year or more.

Oh sucker that I was...

Now I should warn you at this point that the rest of this article contains some spoilers to the scenario concerned, although given the vacuous nature of said scenario, I'm not sure what facts there are to give away. But you've been warned, so if you're an Aberrant player, now would be a good time to piss off.