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WFRP, often referred to affectionally as "whuhfrup", is a roleplaying game set in the Warhammer Fantasy Battle universe, originally published by Games Workshop, now produced under license by Hogshead Publishing.

It's a really good game. Some people say they find the system a bit clunky, but I like it, and I feel the mechanics do a pretty good job of supporting the game's setting, which is what really sets WFRP apart.

Although at first glance it is a standard fantasy setting, with wizards, dwarves and orcs, it has a darker, grittier feel, and hence ends up being about much more than hacking, slashing and improving your stats.

And it has flintlock pistols, which means you can "go renaissance on people's asses!" and that can't be bad.

Another example where WFRP differs from D&D is in the capabilities of thieves.

Given that our party consisted of two thieves and a wizard, you might think we'd be okay when searching for traps or secret doors in a dungeon.

You'd be wrong.

In D&D, the term thief is really a euphemism for a scout / combat engineer.

But in WFRP, a thief is merely someone who, due to either inclination, or a flexible moral code, makes his living by stealing things that don't belong to him, either by stealth or through threats and violence.

The net result was that whilst both John and me were thieves, neither of us had a fucking clue about how to even find a trap, let alone disarm it.

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