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Each issue in Feedback we ask you for your opinions on a particular subject. Snce we're a roleplaying magazine, you might expect us to ask you questions that are in some way related to roleplaying.

You'd usually be wrong.

In last issue's feedback, we got interested in the area of genital hygiene, in particular whether circumcision prevents knob cheese. (I just had a bizarre Freudian slip there and typed "gentile" intstead of "genital"... which would have been kindof correct in a warped kind of way).

We first asked if you were circumcised. Your answers were:

49% replied that yes, you were roundheads.

51% replied that no, you were cavaliers.

And then we asked if you ever found knob cheese to be a problem. Your answers were:

13% replied that you did find knob cheese to be a problem.

While a massive 87% replied that you had never had a problem with knob cheese.

But the big question was the split between the circumcised and non-circumcised...

2% of the roundheads reported that knobcheese was a problem.

24% of the cavaliers reported that knobcheese was a problem.


I guess it's true what they say.