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How James Wallis Ruined My Character's Life



Who Is Fat Gregor?

Note:- In addition to any "history" arrived at through roleplaying your way through scenarios, WFRP characters have a history defined first during character creation (rolls are made for birth location, family details and so on) and then through experience, as they move from one career to another.

There is some confusion as to the precise history of Fat Gregor, so I will give both versions, the correct, truthful account, as told by myself, and the pack of lies told by those lying scumbags Ulrich and Wolfgang.

Sir Gregor of Ulm, The Official Authorised Biography

Sir Gregor of Ulm, the strapping six feet tall only son of Sir Ernst of Ulm, was born 25 years ago in Ulm, which is located in the Border Princes (a rapidly growing region to the south of the Empire with several exciting development opportunities). As he grew up he was particularly friendly with a childless couple, a woodsman and a pharmacist, who worked for his father.

At the age of 18 his father sent him to Altdorf, capital of the Empire, to study to become a doctor. He successfully completed his studies, but had grown disillusioned with his life, and decided to drop totally out of society.

Eventually, after several months of wondering, he met up with an outlaw called Ulrich (John's character) in the woods outside Nuln, and they spent some months robbing from the rich to give to the poor. It was around this point that they met up with a wizard called Wolfgang (TAFKAC's character).

This was when the campaign started.

They travelled around for a while, and dabbled in commercial ventures, including a river haulage business and a bookshop. Gregor now felt able to rejoin society and he resumed his work as a doctor.

Then tragedy struck, with the death of his father. He was now Sir Gregor of Ulm. Mindful of his responsibilities, he severed his commercial ties and resolved to work for the good of society. Although he has not yet managed to return to his ancestral home, he has met up with his friend the woodsman, and intends to return to Ulm to supervise the collection of rent from his tenant farmers, some of whom are behind with their payments.

Fat Gregor, The Unauthorised Biography

Fat Gregor was born 19 years ago in an undetermined location in the Border Princes (an anarchic frontier region to the south of the Empire) the son of a woodsman and a pharmacist. After an undistinguished childhood, he grew to achieve a height of 5 foot 6 inches, and a weight of 103 pounds (47 kilos). Whilst wandering through the Empire as a freelance thief, he met up with an outlaw called Ulrich, and they spent some time robbing people. It was around this point that they met up with a wizard called Wolfgang.

This was when the campaign started.

In one particular lucky strike they "acquired" a barge, and in a second lucky strike "acquired" a very large number of books (like a bargeful... we had to summon elementals with wheelbarrows to load up the barge, and even then it took us the whole night) from a recently discovered antique library (we found it, we took it). They then rented premises in Altdorf and opened up a bookshop, which made considerable profits (most of which came from selling the illegal, "under the counter" shit about demonology and other dodgy stuff).

Tired of being a thief, Gregor purchased a fake medical certificate from some bloke in a pub, plus several bottles of coloured sand, and "moved up" to the career of Charlatan. It was all going splendidly until he hit a spot of legal bother (I was fitted up). He was saved by the intervention of a psychotic Tillean mafia family, who saved Gregor from a hanging by purchasing a worthless but technically valid title for him (making him Sir Gregor of Ulm).

Since then, they have never failed to extract favours at the most inconvenient of times, once even sending his father, the woodsman, as a messenger. (Family's always embarrassing).

Ulm has for many years been occupied by a particularly violent and anti-social band of orcs. They have not paid a penny in rent, ever, and only a fool like Fat Gregor would even entertain the notion of suggesting to them that they might.