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We ourselves, in real life that is, live our lives primarily to have fun, and enjoy ourselves. We work it's true - but that's generally to get the money to have fun. Large portions of our salaries go toward trivial "fun" items: cable TV, DVDs, books, computer games and so on.

But roleplaying characters are apparently different. They exist only for duty, for purpose. After a hard days work cleansing evil from a dungeon, they will settle around a campfire to memorise spells and maintain weapons. Then, with only a blanket for comfort, and with the ever present threat of nighttime attackers, they will sleep.

Though they may have millions of gold pieces to their name, and wield huge powers, they have no interest in worldly pleasures. A blood-stained sword and a blanket on rock, in a cold, dank dungeon is all the satisfaction they require...

Like bollocks it is!

Roleplaying characters should be like the rest of us. They want comfort and entertainment, and don't want to let work get in the way of that. Think of a rock group on tour. Sure, they're having to be away from home for a long period of time, but they're going to stay in the best hotels and make the tour bus a home away from home.

And it seems to me that a group of rich, high-level characters would be much the same.

Which is where the Nexus's Portable Headquarters comes in.