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So here we have it, the first ever Critical Miss Competition. Not a bad prize, either.

We have *two* four-day tickets (worth a total of 50) to Gen Con Europe, generously donated by Bubba who bought them at the Dragonmeet charity auction.

Gen Con Europe takes place at the Olympia Two Convention Center in London, on 18-21 April 2003.

Okay, so how do you get your hands on these tickets? Well it's pretty simple. Below are six questions. Whoever answers the most questions correctly gets the tickets.

Originally we were going to set six really hard questions* hoping that only a few people would enter. But we've decided to make it a bit easier.

* Originally we were going to ask things like "What Kind of watch does Jonny Nexus Wear?" but we thought that was a little too difficult.

The Questions

Q1: What happened to the Jonny Nexus embryo that was used in the picture on his biography page?

Q2: How often, according to the latest Issue, do we publish Critical Miss?

Q3: What did Bubba do to James Wallis at Killercon 2000?

Q4: Demonic described Conception 2002 as "Death by a thousand" whats?

Q5: Whose dice are used for the Critical Miss Logo?

And finally...

Q6: List (and explain) all the references to Tatoo Girl that have appeared in Critical Miss?

How To Format Your Answers

Questions 1 to 5 have single answers, with one point per correct answer.

Question 6 is a bit different. In fact, it's kindof a tie-breaker question, since you get one point for each reference you come up with. For each thing you find which you think is a Tatoo Girl reference (and we can say now that many of the references don't actually include the words "Tatoo Girl", but instead mention her in some cryptic way) we want you to quote the entire sentence (or section) which includes the reference, and then explain why you think it's a reference.

The explanations are pretty important, since in a tie-breaker situation we will go with the person who best understood why things were references. Oh, and if you just submit thousands of references, in the hope that some of them might be correct - we'll disqualify you.


You should email your answers to, with a subject of "Gen Con competition", by February 28th 2003 at the latest. Your mail must include a postal address which we can send the tickets to if you win. Any entries which don't include a postal address will be instantly disqualified.


We will make the final decision as to who has won, and will send the tickets by mail to that person. (We'll notify you by email first, and we'll try and do some kind of recorded delivery to ensure that they don't get lost).

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