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In each issue's Feedback we ask you for your opinions on a particular subject, generally whatever happens to be bugging us at the time. When we did the last issue, we were being bugged by the twin subjects of snacks and GURPS rulebooks.

We asked if participating in a roleplaying session made you feel hungry:

54% said that yes, you automatically got the munchies, while only...

46% said: "No, what's wrong with you?"

Nice to know I'm not the only one.

Then we got onto the subject of GURPS, asking firstly for your opinion of the system itself:

Only 15% of you said that you liked GURPS a lot, although...

52% thought it was okay. Meanwhile...

33% actively disliked it.

Following that question, we asked how many GURPS rulebooks you owned. The raw answers were:

46% owned no GURPS rulebooks whatsoever.

30% owned between 1 and 5 books.

9% owned between 6 and 10 books.

7% owned between 11 and 20 books.

2% owned between 21 and 30 books.

2% owned between 31 and 50 books.

2% owned between 51 and 100 books.

1% owned in excess of 100 books. (Either that or they were bullshitting).

But that's not really what we wanted to know. We were interested to find out if there was any correlation between how much you like GURPS and how many GURPS rulebooks you own.

Like OkayDon't Like
No Books11%56%48%
1 to 50%32%40%
6 to 1022%6%8%
11 to 2039%2%2%
21 to 3017%0%0%
31 to 506%3%0%
51 to 1006%0%2%

Well ignoring potentially dodgy results caused by mischief, calculation error, and confused search engine robots hammering in random data, the conclusions would seem to be:

People who don't like GURPS are more likely to own GURPS books than people who don't really care either way. Perhaps GURPS is something you either love or hate, so people who claim to not be bothered probably haven't ever read any GURPS books, and so would be likely to own less books.

Does that make any sense?